Do you think you could make a difference as an elected official?

The Wayne County, Indiana Democratic Party welcomes people from all different backgrounds and experiences across Wayne County to consider making a difference through public service in local, county, state or even national government leadership.

If fighting for a society where people come first and making progress on issues like job creation and livable wages, equal pay, quality public education, access to health care and clean energy sounds meaningful to you, you could be the next Democratic representative in government that our community needs!

How would the Democratic Party help you as a candidate?

The Wayne County Democratic Party, along with the Indiana Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee, can provide support and resources to candidates in a variety of ways:

  • Candidate call-out meetings, where you can learn about the process of running for office and hear from past and present elected officials who have already been through the process.
  • Strategy and campaign planning, where party leadership helps you identify potential offices that fit with your interests, connects you with others in the party and community who could help you build momentum, as well as providing advice and recommendations for exploring a run and starting your campaign committee.
  • Information sharing and publicity, where we help your campaign team be aware of events, news and opportunities to be effective in your campaigning, as well as assistance in getting the word out to voters and party members about your campaign activities.
  • Financial support, where we may contribute party funds toward your campaign expenses.
  • Post-election support and future planning, where can we advise on bringing your campaign to a close and prepare for next steps, whatever the outcome of your election.

Note that depending on the office you’re running for, the existence of a primary challenge and other factors, the level of support we will be able to provide may vary. A member of our leadership team will work with you to confirm these details as you move toward starting a campaign.

What would the Democratic Party expect of you as a candidate?

Becoming a candidate in the Democratic Party means collaborating with the party throughout your run for office and beyond, in ways that hopefully strengthen both your candidacy, the party and the broader community at the same time. In particular, we ask that all candidates within the party:

  • Offer your best efforts in your candidacy and campaign.
  • Communicate regularly with party leadership or designated representatives about the status of your campaign, upcoming campaign events and any areas of need.
  • Do not publicly disparage other Democratic candidates and Democratic elected officials.
  • Make a good faith effort to attend and participate in all candidate events hosted by the party.
  • Participate in key media and publicity events such as televised forums, town halls and public debates.
  • Interact with any opponents in professional, cordial ways.

What offices are coming up for election?

In 2022, a number of County offices are up for election:

  • Circuit Court Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Sheriff
  • Auditor
  • Recorder
  • Assessor
  • County Council (4 seats)
  • County Commissioner (1 seat)

Check back soon as we add information about more offices at all levels that need great Democratic Party candidates to run.

What important deadlines and guidelines do I need to be aware of?

The party will help you understand which other deadlines and guidelines you need to be aware of, but please also see these resources for official guidance:

Not sure you’re “qualified” to be a candidate?

In almost every case, the only real requirement to run for office is that you be a registered voter of a certain age who lives in the area you want to represent.

Some of the most successful and effective elected officials started their campaigns with zero previous experience as a candidate. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you fit the profile of a typical candidate. The political world and government leadership can benefit from having increased diversity of backgrounds, experience level and perspectives in the people who end up there.

If you think you have something to contribute and you feel passionately about serving your community, go ahead and take the next steps!

Commitment to diversity

The Wayne County Democratic Party is committed to having diverse, representative elected officials at all levels of government. We believe that our legislative, executive and judicial branches can act more effectively and with a greater concern for justice and the needs of our entire community when people in leadership roles come from many different backgrounds, experiences, traditions and identities. We acknowledge that Richmond and Wayne County’s elected leaders are at present overwhelmingly white and male, and thus that we collectively fall short of achieving that diversity in representation. We emphatically and specifically encourage people of color, Black people, women and other people from traditionally underrepresented populations to consider running for office.

How do we get started?

Are you ready to learn more and explore options? Please fill out our Candidate Interest Form so we can learn a little more about you and the issues you care about. Filling out the form is not a commitment to run for office, and we will keep your information confidential. (Alternatively, you can email us or call (765) 676-3367.) Someone from our leadership team will follow up with you soon after.