Process and deadlines for filling 2022 local ballot vacancies

Following our statement on the primary election filings, as permitted by Indiana state law, the Wayne County Democratic Party has established a process and timeline for filling applicable local vacancies on the general election ballot.

What vacancies are eligible for filling?

2022 ballot vacancies in Wayne County include:

  • County Council (4 seats)
  • County Commissioner (1 seat)
  • Circuit Court Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Sheriff
  • Auditor
  • Recorder
  • Assessor
  • Various township board members and trustees

The party can only fill vacancies in Wayne County where no candidate filed to run for that office in the primary election. You can view the full list of offices on the 2022 ballot on the Wayne County Clerk’s website.

Who can be on the ballot?

The Wayne County, Indiana Democratic Party welcomes people from all different backgrounds and experiences across Wayne County to consider making a difference through public service in local or county government leadership.

If fighting for a society where people come first and making progress on issues like job creation and livable wages, equal pay, quality public education, access to health care and clean energy sounds meaningful to you, you could be the next Democratic representative in government that our community needs!

The qualifications to be eligible for filling a ballot vacancy are essentially the same as the qualifications to run in the primary election. The 2022 Candidate Guide published by the Indiana Election Division is a good resource for this information.

Who decides about filling ballot vacancies?

State law allows for the party to fill vacancies either by direct appointment of the party chair, or through a caucus process. The Wayne County Democratic Party will use the chair appointment method in 2022.

How can I be considered for filling a ballot vacancy?

We ask any potential candidates to review the information at and then to contact us as soon as possible to indicate your interest. You can call/text (765) 676-3367, email [email protected] or fill out our candidate interest form.

Anyone seeking to fill a ballot vacancy must contact us on or before Friday June 3rd, 2022 to be considered.

When will the party decide about filling ballot vacancies?

Once we’ve heard from interested potential candidates, we will commit to deciding about any ballot vacancies and completing the related paperwork on or before June 24th, 2022.

What will a candidate have to do after being appointed to the ballot?

Candidates will need to complete and submit the CAN-31 Declaration of Candidacy and Written Consent to Fill a Ballot Vacancy in 2022 form as well as the CAN-12: Statement of Economic Interests for Local and School Board Offices form as a part of their appointment.

Candidates appointed to the ballot by the party after the primary election also have to open a campaign committee, not later than noon, ten days after raising or spending $100 toward running for office, whichever comes first. After this report, the regular reporting cadence for candidate filings is followed, such as filing the pre‚Äźelection report, supplemental large contribution reports, and an annual report, until such a time the committee files a final/disband report.

Beyond that, the information on our run for office page applies, as well as all of the other activities involved in campaigning for elected office.


  • Before Friday June 3rd, 2022: Interested persons must contact the Wayne County Democratic Party about the possibility of filling a ballot vacancy
  • June 24th, 2022: The WCDP will announce and file the paperwork for any ballot vacancies being filled


If you still have questions about this process or timeline, please let us know. You can call/text (765) 676-3367, email [email protected].