Statement on primary election filings

As the candidate filing period for the primary election period concludes, the Wayne County Democratic Party congratulates everyone who has put their name forward for consideration as a candidate for elected office. We recognize that it is a significant commitment to consider serving the people of our community in this way, and we look forward to your campaigns.

We especially congratulate Democrats Dr. Ron Itnyre, candidate for Indiana State Senate in District 27; Cassandra Brown, candidate for Wayne Township Trustee; Chad Neal, candidate for Jefferson Township Board; Robert E. McGuire, candidate for New Garden Township Board; and the people who filed to represent the party at our 2022 state convention and as precinct committee chairs.

The party is working to increase the number of Democratic Party candidates filing in local elections. “We know the important conversations that happen in contested races are valuable to voters and an essential part of our democracy,” said Chris Hardie, Wayne County Democratic Party Chair. “Ideally the campaign process should help ensure that no one point of view or set of values go unquestioned within our elected leadership,” Hardie said.

Party leaders and volunteers have been collaborating over the last year and longer to encourage the participation of new voices and perspectives in our electoral process. We have been in conversation with a number of people interested in running for office, now and in the future. We’ve reached out to community leaders and organizers to make new connections. We have invited potential candidates to share their hopes and plans. We’ve worked to address the ongoing concern about gerrymandered districts that discourage challenges to incumbents and decrease voter engagement. A number of training and information sessions have happened at all levels, and the state Democratic party has also conducted outreach campaigns to help connect with potential candidates. All of that work will continue in the months and years ahead.

Additionally, for ballot vacancies where no candidate has filed, Indiana state law allows the party to select candidates to fill those vacancies later on this year, to appear on the ballot in the General Election in November. “While we generally encourage people seeking office to run in the primary, we will continue to work with potential candidates to explore that legal option of appointment,” Hardie said.

More information and updates about running for office and getting involved can be found on the party’s website, by calling or texting (765) 676-3367‬ or by emailing [email protected].

The Wayne County Democratic Party seeks to make Wayne County a place where residents live in vibrant communities they are proud to call home. Through volunteering, advocacy and elections, the Party works to make progress on job creation, equal pay, quality education, affordable access to health care, sustainable energy use and fair housing. Democratic candidates fight for common sense initiatives to educate and train citizens so they can thrive in the 21st century economy and earn a livable wage, provide for their family, and retire with dignity.