Dr. Lucinda Wright appointed to serve on Richmond Common Council

Today Dr. Lucinda Wright was unanimously selected by a caucus vote of the Wayne County Democratic Party to serve on Richmond’s Common Council as the District 2 representative. Wright’s appointment begins immediately and a ceremony to administer the oath of office will be scheduled soon. Wright will also serve a dual role as a Board Member of Richmond Power & Light.

Photo of Dr. Lucinda Wright
Dr. Lucinda Wright

Wright, who has lived in District 2 for over 50 years, brings a wealth of experience and community connections to her new role on Council. In addition to her work as a longtime community organizer and advocate, she also serves as President of Townsend Community Center, Inc. which works to improve the civic, educational, recreational, and economic lives of community members regardless of race, creed, or color. Wright has also volunteered for over 19 years as the Resident Advocate for the tenants of the Housing Authority for the City of Richmond.

“I am humbled to have been appointed to this position by the Wayne County Democratic Party,” Wright said. “I am NOT a politician, but a concerned resident of Richmond, Indiana. I reside in an area of District 2 where our very existence has been marginalized, our needs are disregarded, and the promises made during election campaigns are forgotten once the candidates are elected. The area of which I speak is North Richmond, north of the North “E” Street railroad track. The only thing I can promise is to continue to serve the people of District 2 and Richmond to the best of my ability. I count it an honor to serve District 2 as your Councilwoman,” Wright said.

The caucus vote was held to fill the Council seat vacated when Kelley Cruse-Nicholson moved outside of District 2. Over the last few months, the Wayne County Democratic Party publicized the vacancy and sought qualified candidates through conversations with community leaders from District 2 and around the county, media releases, posting materials online and on social media, announcements in email newsletters, and other methods. Party leadership spoke with a number of prospective candidates about the role. By the time of the filing deadline, after one other candidate withdrew their interest to instead support Wright, Wright was the sole candidate remaining.

“We applaud Dr. Lucinda Wright’s willingness to put herself forward to serve the community in this way, and we offer our support as she takes her seat on Council,” said Chris Hardie, Chair of the Wayne County Democratic Party. “Dr. Wright has shown herself to be a fierce advocate for the interests and needs of Richmond residents, and brings with her a commitment to tackle the many challenges and opportunities we face together. I am excited to see how her directness, her openness and her pursuit of truth and transparency will benefit all of us as she joins Common Council,” Hardie said.

Bill Engle, the Common Council member representing District 3, said he is excited to work with Wright. “I’m thrilled at the prospect of serving on a Council that includes Dr. Lucinda Wright. Her years of service in the Richmond community speak volumes about her leadership and vision. I firmly believe she will bring a bright new perspective to Council and will serve the residents of the Second District and the citizens of Richmond well,” Engle said.

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