Expected District 2 vacancy on Richmond Common Council will be filled

Kelley Cruse-Nicholson

The Wayne County Democratic Party has received notice that Kelley Cruse-Nicholson expects to vacate her seat on Richmond Common Council in the months ahead because of a change in residence that will make her ineligible to continue representing District 2.

In announcing her plans, Cruse-Nicholson said, “this is not a decision I make lightly, knowing that the residents and voters of my district count on me to advocate for their needs and voices in the running of our city. A number of personal factors have come together at once to make clear that this is a needed change for me and for my family. So, while I am disappointed that I will not be able to serve out my term because of district boundaries, I ask for your support and understanding in this transition.”

Cruse-Nicholson has served on Richmond’s Common Council for over 13 years.

“The party offers its thanks and appreciation to Kelley for her leadership, passion and service during her time on Council,” said Chris Hardie, Chair of the Wayne County Democratic Party. “While we are sad to be losing her fierce representation there, we offer our support to Kelley and her family as they make these changes,” Hardie said.

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When Cruse-Nicholson’s change in residence takes effect, she will formally notify party leadership so that the party can begin the process of filling the Council seat according to party rules and applicable laws. The party will make more information available about that process at that time. Any eligible persons residing in District 2 who are interested in filling the expected vacancy can contact the party at (765) 676-3367 or by email at [email protected].

“I am proud of the leadership I’ve shown and the contributions I’ve made during my time on Council. It was an honor to work on numerous projects to ensure that Richmond is truly a stellar community,” Cruse-Nicholson said. “I will continue to be engaged in other ways to assist in improving the community, and I hope you will join me,” Cruse-Nicholson said.

The Wayne County Democratic Party seeks to make Wayne County a place where residents live in vibrant communities they are proud to call home. Through volunteering, advocacy and elections, the Party works to make progress on job creation, equal pay, quality education, affordable access to health care, sustainable energy use and fair housing. Democratic candidates fight for common sense initiatives to educate and train citizens so they can thrive in the 21st century economy and earn a livable wage, provide for their family, and retire with dignity.

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  1. John Clodfelter

    Kelly will be sorely missed on council.

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