Precinct Committeepeople

The Central Committee of the Wayne County Democratic Party is comprised of elected or appointed chairs and vice-chairs of each precinct in the county.

You can find a map of all of the precincts here.

Vacant precincts include: Clay, Dalton, Franklin, Jackson 2, Jefferson 1, Jefferson 2, and Jefferson 3, New Garden, Perry, Wayne 2, and Wayne 34.

Elections for Precinct Representatives will be held in 2018, with a filing date for any candidate in January 2018. Please contact if you are interested in serving in this capacity.

Vacancies may be filled via appointments by the Party Chair. If you would like to be appointed to serve as the committeeperson for one of these precincts, please contact Precinct appointments are not required to live in the precinct.

Precinct Committeeperson Vice-Committeeperson
Abington Linda Toschlog
Boston John Clodfelter  Patricia Heiny
Center 1 Jack Michael Bodicker
Center 2 Joseph Jennings
Center 3 Frank Degraw
Center 4 Maxwell Paule
Center 5 Shana Nissenbaum
Center 6 Jerry Hayden
Clay vacant
Dalton vacant
Franklin vacant
Greene Rebecca Jestice
Harrison vacant
Jackson 1 Mary Jo Slonaker
Jackson 2 vacant
Jackson 3 JeLyne Ashcraft
Jefferson 1 vacant
Jefferson 2 vacant
Jefferson 3 vacant
New Garden vacant
Perry vacant
Washington Sharon Widau  Nick Elder
Webster Philip Kraus
Wayne 1 Danny Sexton
Wayne 2 vacant
Wayne 3 Amy Noe Dudas Andy Dudas
Wayne 4 D. Sue Roberson
Wayne 5 Douglas Goss Melissa Toschlog
Wayne 6 Barbara Henderson
Wayne 7 Dakota Collins
Wayne 8 Kelley Cruse-Nicholson
Wayne 9 Shane Edington
Wayne 10 Mario Simpson
Wayne 11 Ronald Dean
Wayne 12 Karen Chasteen  Nick Dunlap
Wayne 13 David Cobine
Wayne 14 Margaret Thomas
Wayne 15 Denise Bullock
Wayne 16 Paul Kriese
Wayne 17 Rachael Reavis
Wayne 18 Sayward Salazar
Wayne 19 Mary-Ann Thompson
Wayne 20 Jane Stowe
Wayne 21 Christopher Dykes
Wayne 22 Chrisentha Seller-Hegg
Wayne 23 Martha Jones
Wayne 24 Mary Broderick
Wayne 25 David Snow
Wayne 26 Doris Ashbrook
Wayne 27 Sara Paule
Wayne 28 Leighanne Hahn
Wayne 29 Jeffery Locke  Angela Locke
Wayne 30 Stephanie Hill Alexander
Wayne 31 Walt Chidester June Chidester
Wayne 32 Stephen Scott Alexander
Wayne 33 B. Welling Hall
Wayne 34 vacant
Wayne 35 Elizabeth Harrick
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